Road to the unfamiliar.

I have been wondering a lot lately.

When I started this blog back in October 2008, it was merely meant to be a travel diary. It was to try my hand on writing features and places, to attempt practicing a craft that I couldn’t have chances to practice in real life. I once dreamed to be a travel writer, an explorer, and go to the places I’ve not been, to taste other cultures and jot them all down on dog-eared journals kept on a leather backpack. I think I was on my very early teens when I had these thoughts propelled by all the short stories I’ve read on foreign children’s books hauled up from the library.

Not that I could ever afford to travel nor had the time to do it all, but the inspiration must have sprouted from the desire to capture a time, a description of a place or a series of vivid moments and form them into words, one blazing day on a remote beach. It was only a little hand to feed my little blog world.

As with all living things and minds, it grew.

I started reading other blogs and find it full of prettiness, as if these handful of pages took a life of their own to mirror their owners, to strike other ideas, to evoke more inspiration by verses or photos. I gradually began to add more tidbits on this blog. I changed my mind on little things, like titles and concepts. I keep updating here and there, until I don’t know anymore what this blog is really about.

A few days ago, I was struck by the notion that it need not matter what I am trying to portray just as long as my own voice is in it. Some blogs are like everyone else’s while some blogs are typical signatures. There’s that one favorite blogger who’s site is very her, in voice and content, and it is her that I thought this from.

This blog is still a little travel diary. First and foremost, an array of accounts from local trips and culture. But also there’s a mix of random daydreams and favorites. I think I have yet to try my best on every post, really. Perhaps as long as each got my very stamp on it and I remain true to my intentions, I deem it will be fine. The title of this post used to be the name of the blog.

In a sense, it still holds true. I am, till now, taking more roads to the unfamiliar.


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