The fourth year

Rouenna turns four this year.

The blog has spent a lot of maneuvering from my hands like I mentioned earlier. I guess it is the usual way of things. At one point early on in life, I detest changes but over time you begin to accept that, indeed, the only constant thing is change.


But, just like everything else, there’s always the past to remember, too. Nostalgia, one of my favorite words.

The photo above reminds me a lot of my growing years, a sweet memory for me, with my mother’s penchant for plated gold and silver cutlery and porcelain plates painted with animals or lords and ladies. We adhered to her table manners sessions on her insistence.

It is then quite understandable if, over the years, we have no penchant for plastic wares and will usually look out for better silverware. I hope my blog could be like that, too, that I will constantly look for something better to post.


Your thoughts...

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