Pearls, ribbons & embroideries

My childhood wardrobe had been filled with ribbons, vintage embroidery, intricate button details; all in a shabby preppy combination. They, of course, weren’t as pretty and delicate as these photos but I had spent a better part dreaming of them.

Our mother doesn’t let us out of the house without wearing proper shoes and decent pants. She is somewhat fastidious in that regard and would remark about kids taking neighborhood strolls in their knickers or on barefoot. I surmised, over the years, that her long employment with a Spanish don had much influence on her.

As expected of time, however, I had grown and embraced the culminating trend of wearing flip-flops at mostly everywhere, had worn the ‘homeless’ and grunge look for a long while. She have long since left us to our whims on the aspect of dressing up. But, it seems, the bud of another decade (yes, two decades had passed) has brought forth a new mind set, with thoughts that a lot of things could still happen.

I find myself going back to these looks and appreciating them much better. I think that I could wear and bear them well at this age, whereas it would have looked too put on on me were I at my teen years living in our small town. It’s like a way of embracing that stage of one’s life where you are starting to think and to remark like your own mother of old.


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