Holidays in my mind

by amy merrick

Christmas days for me lately have been spent reminiscing childhood holiday feelings more vivid and lingering than any. Of nostalgic early morning masses, Latin church songs, walking home from town just as the sun rises, a dim church with only a bright star as light, ukelele ensemble caroling, and celebrating the Eve with soda and buttered bread.

I have not felt as much poignant  moods on the past few Christmases but there are new traditions formed which sends me into a lighthearted state for the rest of the holidays. Perhaps, it might be helped by a slew of cocktails which would explain the sporadic memories.

And so, with a subtle stirrings of nostalgia and a pinch of wistfulness, I wish everyone a merry Christmas with as much lovely moments as you can have. Now I will finish this glass of wine and keep on wishing for snow flakes.

{photo. amy merrick}


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