Quaint linens and lace

          With my penchant for period series and films, I was delighted to stumble upon Catherine Cookson’s screen adaptations. I am looking forward to read her collection of books written. Amidst watching Wingless Bird, I was naturally enamored of the dark wood polish and intricate folded linens in the quaint sweet shop owned by the Conways.

Quaint linens and lace

laundry 018

          The embroidered linens and lacework are reminiscent of the folded cloths in our old countryside home used to place on wooden shabby tables and sometimes put inside the school bags to serve as a rough handkerchief (which is amusing to think of now). There must be a dearth of fine handkerchiefs at home.

          Perhaps, what I miss most is the feel of the countryside living; wicker baskets and long wooden tables, the breezy air and dappled sunshine on the branches, running to the fields and picking wildflowers along the dusty roads.

{photos. this is glamorous // cabin & cottage}


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