Passing by a vintage shop

One of the pleasures of a day for me would be to spend a few hours of a delightful lunch with table linens and pass by a specialty bookstore for some classics. When out on a street I would stumble upon a vintage shop (like in the photo), go inside in curiosity and be enchanted by the dusty china ware or the chipped apothecary bottles. Then I would find myself lugging on my way home a miniature faded and stained oil on canvas tied and wrapped in paper.

           But, alas, the heat outside right this summer time is intolerable for almost everyone to be out strolling and the dust does not really encourage outside display of goods. The antique shops existing here seem to be either too expensive or too cheap and the quality would likely depend on the two. Vintage buying isn’t really a leisurely preoccupation and sometimes I cannot help but feel saddened that this trade is treated with lack of attention by the general public, I suppose.  It is taken more as a certain appealing aesthetic idea than an authentic, real everyday lifestyle.

           Although I have to say I am not a pillar on this particular interest. Perhaps there is a favorable market of it after all and not a dying one. I should probably go out more often and take more strolls despite, for in one of these many walks, I might just stumble into one.

{photo. michel nguie}


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