Worn and chipped but lovely

Some with finer tastes would most likely frown upon chipped and worn tables and cupboards. Not so strangely, however, I find more connection to it in a nostalgic way and out of fondness. If I have a house, a lot of the furnishings would probably have that vintage feel to it, if not a little shabbiness which for me does not diminish a house’s charm but I would allude more to its coziness.


Perhaps, I could not keep away from the influences of the countryside which I have always loved. I live for many years in the city but I could say I am not totally the urbanite like some thought I am nor, in truth, could I totally hate the city and must decide moving to the countryside for good. In a way, I will always love my birth place Manila, too. As the famous song goes, ‘Hinahanap hanap kita Manila…’


I get carried away with nostalgia (which happens a lot). Back to shabby tables and cupboards. What I have always found interesting about worn objects are the little stories behind it or the journey and time that it stood by. My natural desire to create short stories fuels my interest to seek out little tales here and there. In the end, who doesn’t like a good story?

{photos. via  nicolecfranzen}


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