Room with a view



Sometimes it’s nice to daydream of having a window that opens out into a balcony somewhere in Paris. For now, it remains as a lovely thought.

The view from my screen has changed, at least, from a bare white wall under the stairs to a view of my mother’s shrubbery and flowers by the front door. It is a quaint view, of colors ranging from orange and purple blossoms to glossy green leaves. I can observe the slant of sunlight, the drops of rain showers and the vegetable vines swaying on the wind from my perch and it gives me a sense of being part of the moving time of day.

Summer is waning and slowly, very slowly, gives way to the wet months. There’s still not much enough rain to suit me and make the days cooler. This song by The Baileys brings me to the mood of summer endings and distant memories of summers long gone.

For now, I am enjoying a gift from a friend and the book selection made me exclaim in delight that I could only wish to read them all at the same time, just so I could be done with it and read more books. (Have you ever thought there’s not enough days in our lives to read all the books we want?) But that doesn’t mean I am staying away from the screen. Daily readings include a feature of Sofia Coppola whom I adore, some painting photos, Florence Welch’s colorful home and (again) tinkering with one of my tumblrs which title I got from a friend who wrote my name in Jawi language.

{photo. annstreetstudio}


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