Mericakes: my own cafe of dreams

Dream of Mericakes

Some days are spent dreaming of baking cupcakes and presenting them prettily or gazing down rows and rows of pastries in a Paris cafe. Even then I would express interest to baking rather than cooking and imagined spending my days eating pastries and cookies rather than home-cooked meals.

What I enjoy doing now is sending photos of cupcakes to my friends on their birthdays and parties and say courtesy of Mericakes, a name coined by a friend from my email name. Mericakes has become my virtual patisserie (and my browser name), where my virtual friends hang out to have coffee and cupcakes and some tunes (if they request) when it fact the place is just up in the air (like iCloud).

In the end, it’s the little corners to hang out and the little things we do that make our day a bit brighter and less mundane. The rain showers are becoming constant and on its short breaks I introduce myself to jazz by listening to this playlist and replaying a song recorded in the bathroom by Isabelle whose writings I’ve been a fan of. When the rain stops I go back to reading another article about Emmanuelle Alt (who is my style icon) and a few film write-ups from Mubi, especially about one local movie, Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan by Lav Diaz, shown in Cannes festival.

The days have become a bit cooler and I wouldn’t mind the rain if it would mean cooler days. Now I’m off to look for more cupcake photos.

{photo. daydreamlily}


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