Breaking the idle days


Imelda Romualdez Marcos by Claudio Bravo. Manila, 1968

The week has been busier than the usual and I am falling into it in a kind of slow submission. There had been too many free days and lately I have craved small amounts of business to break the idle haze.

Time passes so quickly and before I knew it, I’ve been volunteering on this museum for almost a year, my reading list have accumulated to a great number (owing to posting book reviews and listening to free academic lectures), and the state of my body is now more attuned to activity. Later in the year, there’ll be more places to go (Bohol, I cannot wait to see you!).

A week of readings has juggled my mind, especially this article about nostalgia of which I am constantly engulfing myself. It is a way to scrutinize it perhaps, to understand it better why my mind is full of it. Also, coming upon Reading the Image by Alice Guillermo has encouraged me to take the free lectures of The University of Oxford (just for the sake of learning, mind you) which made me start reading The Republic by Plato. Speaking of art, the painting above is now a favorite among Claudio Bravo’s works done here in the country. There is such a soft loveliness in it.

For avid book readers, a friend has a book corner where I often contribute reviews and since I barely visit local bookstores these days, the blog has been my go-to place for current readings.

Have a lovely weekend!


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