Familiar strokes

Van Gogh detail

Vincent Van Gogh landscape painting detail.

{photo. slow art day}

In my few days of time in Panglao Island, Bohol, I was able to meet briefly a local punk-ish looking guy manning a little art nook on a famous farm selling paintings, souvenirs and trinkets. I found myself staring up at painted canvasses standing on easels, some leaning on the benches and tables and there was one, a painting of a belfry, which caught my attention. It stood glimmering and floating in air, faded and almost muted in color.

Days after that when I got back to the city and into my routine, spending minutes on tumblr staring on Van Gogh’s works, it occurred to me finally that the detailed strokes of that belfry painting is almost akin to his. It left me wondering and in an acute longing of wishing to own that particular work, something that happens only a few times.


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