Spacing out

a well traveled woman

In moments of short reveries, I would think all I need is a little cottage, a garden, a greenhouse, and my own space. Sometimes I do want to hop into Mary Stewart’s ‘cottage’ novels. Her heroines are mostly solitary figures of quiet strength (wearing pencil skirts, coats and a cigarette on one hand). But the appeal for me has always been the pastoral landscapes, the riotous flowers and the quirky charms of a well-loved home.

It’s no wonder this photograph drew me like a moth to a flame. Could I jump into the picture as well? You know, like Tommy Tricker and the Stamp Traveler. And I could be her, in a floppy hat and long dress walking around the plant blossoms while a pot of tea boils inside the kitchen and the tea things are arranged on a sitting room with floral wallpaper.

{photo. a well traveled woman}



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