Mountain Forest by Emily Carr

Mountain Forest, painting by Emily Carr.

Currently reading Susan Vreeland’s The Forest Lover. It is the story of the Canadian writer and painter, Emily Carr, who was heavily inspired by the Indigenous Peoples and the untamed landscapes of British Columbia.

Years ago, I read Vreeland’s other book, The Passion of Artemisia which is another portrayal of Artemisia Gentileschi, an Italian woman painter in the time of Renaissance. There is a book report about it on our book blog as I had enjoyed reading it very much. I am mostly riveted to her books of its themes of art and women artists. Albeit fictional based on historical research, it brings out the curiousness and that sense of feminine empowerment. In a time of social constraints against women, it is interesting to read about them who defied the norms and pursued their own passions. Next on my list would be The Girl in Hyacinth Blue.


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