August time

Wall paint at Dukes Place

It’s my month, August.

It’s funny how I look back now over years of blogging left and right on this corner (which used to have a different name). In that even after publishing posts, I remained uncertain and couldn’t sprint to the end and let go. Sometimes after a few months and I would remember particular posts, I would still go back and edit them (as if anyone cares but it seems I do).

I could not count the many posts I’ve deleted trying to reinvent this place and I wondered sometimes if it shouldn’t be like that. Just as life where I can’t erase my past. I could only make peace with them and move forward.

So from now on (I hope), every time I open my blog and speak of things, I would acquiesce to my thoughts and that I had my say. If I find them wanting after a time, I will just make my peace.


Your thoughts...

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