Dropping by

at the museum

It’s been a while. Dashing around between work, errands and readings, I hardly find the time to blog (not that I blog regularly, mind you). But thoughts, when one is busy, tend to get much distracted from one moment to the next never allowing things to settle in my head. My abstract moments have been cut off to give way for the empirical things (think I heard this one in Penny Dreadful).

I could almost forgive myself to only think of a sentence or two and that’s about my share of the day here, but I would rather not. Now, it seems, the time spent on this little space is to become my mulling dosage of the week…or two…or three.

Last Saturday, MET Open happened and I thoroughly enjoyed being surrounded by a plethora of raw and varying forms of modern art. I only wished I’d given more hand in making it possible and often I found myself wanting. Perhaps I will fall into a certain routine soon enough when I could acclimatize myself from my new endeavors. But for now, I am only dropping to say hi and wish you all a lovely weekend. (Excuse me while I go back to reading an ARC way past due).


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