Precious moments



Weekends feel so short these days, but that makes it more precious to me. The days have been filled with things to do but whenever I’m on the road or there’s downtime, I make a point to look around me and be in the moment. I find that if I don’t brand a few minutes of the present in my brain I would forget the passing hours and time will slide away along with abandoned things and memories. (The last five years or so felt like that.)

Last week, while passing an already familiar back street on my way home from a new job, an overturned painted canoe placed on the side of the road caught my attention. I lifted up my gaze a little and my eyes went wide as it landed on piles of old books stacked on worn bookshelves in a wonderful disarray. An open corner bookshop with a sky blue canoe at the front, what a delight! Had I not been paying attention on my surroundings I would’ve totally missed it.

It is these little discoveries that makes for quite a lovely day for me.


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