Little haven

Emily Wind

Lately, whenever there’s a thunderstorm, I escape to tumblr.  A sense of strange comfort engulfs me as I gaze on an array of photographs; of cottages, flowers, places, charming balconies and sunlit beaches while outside, the rolling sky heaves and pours a bout of summer rain or an unapologetic sleet of water.  It’s like drinking tea on a cold, cold day or seeing the warm blaze of fire on frosted windows as you trudge home on a wet night. No matter how unconscious it was, I am glad to find a little haven on the sky’s moody days. It comes to mind those few tormenting times when, to ward off a rising anguish, my trembling fingers find my journal and I would start writing furiously on its blank pages to wring everything out of my skin.

{photo. emily wind}


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