A time for solitude

October has passed and the somber month of November is unto me. Today, in our corner of the world, we celebrate not so much the dark festive mood of Halloween but more on the Latin celebration of death. People travel back to their hometowns for the holiday weekend to light candles, prepare traditional sweets and gather the family round to remember in gladness the memory of the dead. The cemeteries all over the country would be filled with the glow of candlelight and packed crowd.

I forgot the blog’s anniversary, which was last month. After much rearranging over the years, I stripped it of its title at the moment for I know not anymore what I want with this place. To celebrate its seventh year (my, how time flies) I thought it’s time to give this corner an identity again of its own. So today is a time of solitude and freeing my solitary spirit.

The family home in the city is empty, except for me. Apparently, if left alone, my scarves end up flung anywhere; on the back of the sofa, on the arm of a chair, on top of unfolded clothes. Candles grouped themselves on the coffee table. Lana Del Rey’s Gods and Monsters played on the loop and television was tuned to all my favorite witch films and series.

It seems in just a matter of hours, my presence attempts to permeate spaces usually claimed by others. Just as how I long to walk on the city’s almost deserted streets as the rest of the dwellers jump to the next plane, bus or car and head off out of town. Against the abandoned lanes and low hum of the quiet neighborhood, my solitary spirit yearns to soar and claim all those empty spaces.

In the meantime, I shall let Jessica Lange thrill you with her rendition of Gods and Monsters from American Horror Story: Freakshow. An All Saint’s Day to you all.


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