flowers on the sidewalk Photo1223

Holiday is here and the days are filled with blossoms falling on the side walk, cooler days, cozy re-readings and lots and lots of pastries.

Tomorrow is another new year and I can’t seem to wait for this eve to be over so I could start writing on my Happiness Project journal (the first page dates January 1) and begin anew the Goodreads reading challenge for 2015. At the moment, these are little things to look forward to.

I am uncertain about making resolutions for I hardly trust myself to stick to it. My temperament is such that makes me quite unpredictable. Even the holiday spirit couldn’t grip me unlike when I was a child. I attempt to reach out and feel it out sometimes but it seemed I’m clutching through a mist, like vapors of old feelings and nostalgia. Indeed, there’s something painful about growing up.

But a new year welcomes rebuilding and being hopeful. It is always a time for beginnings. Since I am rather fond of beginnings, I may be more hopeful than most. Though when May arrives, it could be another story.


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