High Summer

Irish authors

pinks blooms

Flowers are blooming and subtly leaves turn a little bit of color and start falling as end of classes loomed. The bougainvilleas on our street are a tangle of hues and trails. Heat is felt now even on early mornings and, though most definitely look forward to the hot months, I look forward to it with a sense of mixed dread and exhilaration.

It’s spring in the Western hemisphere and the cherry blossoms are in flagrant display. In my corner of the country, it is high summer and, oh my, here comes the allergies. I’m afraid I would most likely become a homebody for the rest of May until the rain comes to signal the wet months.

I shall be digging to my summer books; stories that mirror the engulfing dry air and blazing sunlight of April. Perhaps, a reread of Mary Stewarts’s The Moonspinners and The Gabriel Hounds or some historical novel in the Australian bush like Barbara Wood’s The Dreaming. Stories set somewhere in Morocco and India will do just as well. Just for now, I shall resist the call of the beach and the sea.

In the meantime, catch our book reviews and new releases over at Deluged with Books Cafe and a few favorites on my side blog, j’adore.

P.S. If you haven’t noticed, I do have more than a couple of blogs and if you make time, you’d find it sort of works like a messy puzzle. It appears I am still fond of hiding (or making cabinets whichever) though it is much possible it relates to me being, even after all these years, just an ordinary amateur blogger who doesn’t take it much seriously. In time I may yet put them all together but all in good time.


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