Book review: Frenchman’s Creek by Rebecca Du Maurier

Du Maurier’s writing appealed to me upon reading Rebecca and it was such a beautiful book that it took quite a while for me to pick up the next Du Maurier book for the character still lingered in my mind. Frenchman’s Creek was my second pick of Du Maurier and I half expected the same melodic tone in her prose. 

But perhaps I mayn’t pick her next best work? At first, I keep rereading the first few paragraphs as I couldn’t summon the same stirring mood as I felt in the mere first sentence in Rebecca. So I thought to forget that book and see this story’s own charm.

Best idea ever. Indeed, I was entirely captivated by our hero and the heroine. I am left in a poignant reverie; of great understanding to the choices one needed to take warring with the mad impulse to fight for a true love and to follow one’s heart. The rest of the story and characters may not have totally swept me off my feet, if they weren’t trifling at least they were downright amusing, but Lady Dona and Monsieur Aubery as well as their chemistry blazed bright like a crackling bonfire or two glowing stars in the clear night sky. 

Our heroine’s escapades and boldness amused me to no end most esp when she is becoming most tiresome of her companions which seemed to magnify all the more the cracks, cynicism, the bleak emptiness in her life. She is one formidable woman without needing to show austerity or stiffness and one can see, in the few scenes way before their first meeting, that she totally compliments the French pirate. Well, there appears to be no end to our hero’s charms and magnetism. He even persuadingly makes nonchalance to law or danger quite an attractive quality. Du Maurier draws out a daredevil figure without being repelling and as such she was able to create a rather appealing character of many contrasts.

The highlight of my reading is when the two are off together in an adventure or escaping into that enchanting little spot that Du Maurier calls Frenchman’s Creek.


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